My first trip to Uganda



By Patricia Villavicencio

My first trip to Uganda is the moment I saw all those lovely kids for the first time in that wonderful Christmas video of Mupenzi Children´s Home in Jinja ( Petits Detalls ( published in its web . How can I put into words what their wishes meant to me. Those wishes and smiles where the best way to encourage me to follow this wonderful project that Tira started not very long ago. Eduardo gave Katja and I an excellent project where to focus our knowledge and inspiration. We started back in January of 2016 brainstorming and ended up deciding to work on a Music project. Besides all the scientific research done on the field we believe that music and sports are essential to any child and human being, bolsters self-esteem and fosters happiness.

Thanks to my friend Claudia Hasanbegovic who sent me the application call for the Institute for African Transitional Justice VI, and against all odds I ended up applying for a scholarship. Refugee Law Project granted me for attending the residential program and I have to say out load that I have been so fortunate! Being able to visit Uganda for the first time and participating in such an outstanding program has given me a deep analysis of Transitional Justice and a life experience I will never forget.

Check this video RLP interviews me about :Where does Transitional Justice starts and where does it end?”

EMDR Association Spain supported my first trip also by giving me an Humanitarian grant for my plane ticket and the chance to visit Mupenzi Children´s Home in Jinja, the source of the Nile.

I have to mention and thank all the people that gave me donations for Mupenzi´s kids (a total of 590 euros); Eduardo manage to get T-Shirts from the Fundación del Atletico de Madrid and Rodrigo gave us the good news that he wanted to join us in our next trip to Uganda and also convinced his band Moongardening to do fundraising for Mupenzi Children´s Home giving a concert in June 17Th!

(Please check Moongardening interview and concert :

In Jinja, Francisco Germain, Petits Detalls director, welcomed me at the Source of the Smile Hotel, and starting there I did no stop smiling. How can I portrait how I felt the moment I saw some of the kids running to greet us. I can say that all the hours of flight, traffic jams were all worth it! Mupenzi is right at the top of a hill that faces lake Victoria but the “only water” I saw that very first day was those beautiful children eyes and smiles. I have to congratulate Tira for her initiative and to the local coordinator Stella and Francisco for the wonderful job they have done and still do on behave of these wonderful 39 children sheltered at Mupenzi Children´s Home.

Those two days I danced, sang, read stories, ate what they ate, visit one of their schools, did tai-chi dancing, took lots of pictures and videos, hold hands, play football… lovely experiences I will never ever forget! This has given me the motivation to come back to Uganda again and the inspiration to design a couple of projects -with the outstanding support and assistance of Rodrigo Martin and Eduardo Plata- which have been granted as Humanitarian actions by EMDR Association Spain! Thanks to them we will have the chance to be in Uganda and in Mupenzi next August !


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