The preparation of our EMDR Uganda Team first trip (I)

Preparing our next trip has been exciting and exhausting but absolutely 100 percent rewarding! Rodrigo was the first in arriving to Uganda and kept us informed about all his music activities with a couple of NGOs through his personal blog in Spanish. We followed him and wanted to be there already! Eduardo meanwhile was designing our professional blog the EMDR Uganda Team. I can say its design wins in my opinion the best of awards! I am very proud to have such excellent professionals in this EMDR Uganda! All of us do this as volunteer work; it means that we have regular work responsibilities besides this humanitarian endeavor. A couple of us have also family responsibilities so we hardly have free time at all but Uganda has given us a goal to transcend ourselves. We have the dream to see Mupenzi Children´s home -with the outstanding job done by Stellar the local coordinator and Petits Detalls NOG coordination – become stronger and see that all our kids there achieve a much better life and an outstanding future!

I am a EMDR Europe Practitioner and apply EMDR in my everyday practice specially at the Psychological Trauma Unit at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos of Madrid, Spain. EMDR Association is financially supporting a couple of projects our team (Eduardo Plata, Rodrigo Martin and I: Patricia Villavicencio) has designed as EMDR Spain Humanitarian actions. Our goals are, first of all, visit this August 2016 Mupenzi Children´s home and promote positive emotions by joyful programmed musical and sports activities and install them through bilateral stimulation (techniques developed in the EMDR framework). The idea is to give the children positive emotional resources and check throughout time if the vividness of the promoted memories stay and if this memories help them cope when they face life difficulties therefore EMDR Association Spain has the compromise to keep supporting our projects as a long term goal.

Here we share an interview we did to Francisca for Mupenzi´s kids . English translation is available below:

You may wonder what EMDR means. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a scientifically supported treatment for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) recommended by numerous organizations internationally (e.g., World Health Organization, 2013). It is characterized by standardized procedures and protocols that include a bilateral sensorial stimulation such as repeated eye movements, aimed at processing and working through memories of trauma and other adverse life experiences.

The other main goal we have in Uganda is contacting Institutions and Organizations for the following: EMDR Association Spain, represented by Francisca Garcia president of EMDR Association Spain is very interested in giving free EMDR training and supervisions in Uganda as done already in Cuba. Our team is in charge of organizing a future free EMDR Training offered by EMDR Association Spain as a Humanitarian Action in Uganda.


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