The preparation of the EMDR Uganda Team first trip (II) by Patricia Villavicencio

Since my first trip to Uganda we have not stop writing emails and letters to many institutions, universities and organizations explaining the main goals for our next trip to Uganda. The EMDR Uganda Team has two missions:

  • Taking two humanitarian projects to Mupenzi Children´s Home: a) the promotion of positive emotions by joyful programmed musical and sports activities (by Rodrigo Martín and Eduardo Plata respectively) and b) install them through bilateral stimulation (by Patricia Villavicencio).

Eduardo organized our timetable with Petits Detalls (Francisco Germain) and Mupenzi´s local coordinator (Stellar) so we three could do our activities with their support and consent. He also was in charge of organizing a Gofundme for taking our Mupenzi kids to Freedom City Park the 18th of August 2016( and Mupenzi´s friends donated this day of fun!! The kids could not wait; they were so excited about it! One of our goals was accomplished promoting positive emotions in these wonderful kids!

  • Our second mission which is probably also number one is organizing a future free EMDR Training run by EMDR Association Spain to psychiatrist, clinical Psychologist, psychological counselors, general medical doctors, pediatricians, nurses… offered by EMDR Association Spain as a Humanitarian Action in Uganda as it was done already in Cuba.

We realize after sending many emails that no wonder we hardly had an answer (Save the Children Uganda did). We were absolutely strangers to them, nobody in Uganda had heard about us as a team or as professionals besides Refugee Law Project, Mupenzi Children´s Home and Petits Detalls. We needed a proper presentation letter for our Team from our sponsor (EMDR Association Spain) to attach to the mails we were sending and for future personal contacts in Uganda. Eduardo Plata our EMDR Humanitarian Consultant (The Waterboy Projects) did the logo designing for our blog, letters and cards; Francisca García, the president of EMDR Association, wrote an excellent presentation letter for us, so after this arrangements we all could properly introduce ourselves to any organization or institution in Uganda.

EMDR Association Spain also gave us pen drives with scientific research publications on EMDR and a brief presentation letter about the EMDR Uganda Team. Eduardo and I organized our timetables for Kampala. We had reserved at least a couple of days in the capital city so we could personally introduce ourselves at the Ministry of Education, Science, technology and Sports and to the Ministry of Health. We already had a presentation letter for the Minister of Education (Honorable Dr. Janet Kataha Museveni) and to the Minister of Health (Honarable Dr. Jane Aceng) but one of our contacts in Kampala, Goerge Ocen (law student at Makerere Universty who took also part at the 6th Institute for African Transitional Justice (IATJ) in Gulu as I did last May) advised us to address our letters to the Permanent Secretaries: Dr. Lukwago Asuman, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Health, and to Dr. Rose Nassali Lukwago, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education. The other institutions we had in mind were the School of Psychology and the school of Medicine at Makerere University.

Meanwhile Rodrigo Martín, our EMDR music assistant, was already in Uganda doing music activities in several NGOs around the country. He kept us informed through his personal blog that we followed eagerly every day. One of the things he was in charge of was making contacts with local musician in Jinja so he could give a list of them to Petits Detalls and Mupenzi´s coordinator in order to organize extra curricula music instruction for Mupenzi´s children in the near future. In this quest he ended up meeting the organizers of Kelele night Live Music in Jinja and being invited by them to give a concert with local and international musicians at Flavors the night of the 19th of August 2016 (


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