image Our first EMDR Uganda Team Trip by Patricia Villavicencio

Two days before our trip Eduardo had an accident and ended up in the emergency room and hospitalized. As you can imagine he could not come to Uganda. Sad news for all of us, and for the kids in Mupenzi. He is fortunately recovering well now, but those days in Uganda with him hospitalized were difficult times for the ones who care for him and expected him in Uganda.

Not everything went bad from the start. I was very lucky, Harriet Adong a friend based in Lira and the coordinator of the Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD) who also took part at the 6th Institute for African Transitional Justice (IATJ) was in Kampala at the time of my arrival. Harriet and her sister Jackie Apio (a psychology student at Makerere University) picked me up form the Hotel the 15th so they could take me around Kampala.

First stop, the Ministry of Education where I talked to Molly the secretary of the Permanent Secretary, gave her our EMDR Uganda Team presentation letter, a pen drive and card, but got no appointment in exchange. I did the same procedure at the Ministry of Health; Sisy the secretary of the Appointed Permanent Secretary gave me this time an appointment for Wednesday August 17th early morning. Then they took me to Batubika National Mental Hospital. I wanted to talk to the Head of the Clinical Psychology Unit, but before that, I had to introduce myself to Emily the secretary of the Deputy Director; after giving her our presentation letter, and explaning our goals in Uganda she understood that I was a serious person and a professional in the mental health field … she kindly gave me Dr Dorothy Kizza´s mail and phone number. I was really eager to meet the Head Clinical Psychology Unit in a public Mental Health Hospital. Here in Spain we hardly find something like it. I was lucky to talk to Dr. Kizza on the phone and promise to meet her in my next trip to Uganda.

Going to Makerere University , to the School of Psychology was the best. I met there Dr. Paul Nyende an associate professor of Community Psychology. He gave me Dr. Mayanja Kajumba´s contact number and mail address. Dr. Kajumba is the head of the medical and clinical psychology department at Makerere University. I had the chance to meet him the next day and exchange our research background and clinical experience.I was really delighted to meet colleagues in Uganda and promise to come back so I could give a workshop and talks to the students enrolled in his department. (

We have already now one of the best contacts ever to reach our EMDR Uganda Team goals!


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