Interview with Francisca García , President of EMDR Association Spain.By Patricia Villavicencio (June 30th, 2016)

Francisca: Hello! I am happy from the start because through these images -in a language that you do not understand – you can meet me; at least see my face and let you know how important this moment its for me. A moment where Patricia, Rodrigo and Eduardo will be with you; in order to somehow alleviate a bit of the suffering you have experienced since you were very little. The three of them, with their enthusiasm, their professional background and with their motivation to help you, will promote, mark a before and after in your lives. This is the first moment you are meeting Francisca, a moment that we all are talking about you. We are all thrilled with the idea of f them opening for us a path -step by step – to be with you and help you walk your own path with less pain. Thank You.
Patricia: Thanks to you Francisca!


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