EMDR Uganda Team next trip

EMDR Association Spain has a granted our way back next December to Uganda again! We will be visiting Kampala and have the chance to meet the dean of Psychiatry at the University of Makerere -Dr. Noeline Nakasujja- and the dean of Clinical Psychology -Dr. Kayumba Majanya . This time we want to go a bit further and  see how can we can organize a  free EMDR level 1 training in the very near future in Uganda.
We are also planning to visit Lira and visit the Foundation for Integrated Rural Development ( FIRD). Harriet Adong one of my angels in my last trip to Kampala is expecting us this week-end . The EMDR Uganda Team will be offering the following to a group of women and children supported by FIRD:
  • Promote games and structured activities in participants in order to foster mastery experiences and positive memories. Organized by Eduardo Plata expert in the field of Sports.
  • Assessment of emotions and joyful expectations and the application of Resource development and installation (RDI) through the Butterfly Hug in order to strengthen the fostered positive emotions. Organized and coordinated by Patricia Villavicencio, PhD, (EMDR Clinician and expert in the field of child psychology and trauma recovery) with the support of Eduardo Plata.
Games and Sports activities will give participants a way to be part of their community, increase their sense of self-esteem, and specially promote the connection to emotional processing and happiness. In other words, engaging with this proposed activities are not only healthy activities but also a very rewarding strategies for the brain and for the soul of traumatized children, adolescent and adults.
After these experiences we will go back to Jinja and visit Mupenzi Children´s Home -our sweet sweet Home in Uganda. We can not wait to see all of our children and offer them the same program as we have offered in Lira and also will be checking how our music activities done with Rodrigo last summer have impacted in their lives. All this will be presented in the next National EMDR Congress the 14th of December in Madrid.






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