EMDR Uganda Team had the goal of introducing sports and joyful activities as a way to be part of their community, increase their sense of self-esteem, and specially promote the connection to emotional processing and happiness; a very rewarding strategy for the brain and for the soul of traumatized survivors of war atrocities in Agweng Community (Lira, Uganda). We had the valuable and excellent support of Harriet Adong Excecutive Director of  FIRD (https://fird-ug.org/) and her team Members (Foundation for Integrated Rural Development ; a community organization created in 2005 in the district of Lira, northern Uganda).

After promoting these positive and recreational activities we applied the EMDR Butterfly Hug  (Lucia Artigas, M.A., M.T., and Ignacio Jarero, Ed.D., Ph.D., M.T) in order to strengthen the positive emotions created by joyful and fair play. Here are the pictures that show how our project impacted in these peoples lives . Please check the links below!IMAG0312

Check our video in Youtube to see Harriet Adong (FIRD) giving her insight about our activities (starting at min 3:54)


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